Congress, you need do your duty to remove so called Copy Right Copy Cat must not be allowed to have right, stupid bad ugly evil doers like J.K.Rowling, or Robert "Bob" Woodward ( 西裝Woodward) must not be allowed to have so called copy right; because they are worse than copy cat, they cannot like copy machine 房屋買賣do the job faithfully. Novel writers like James Hilton whose novel "Lost Horizon" and that woman or fake woman wrote "Gone with the Wind" if not copy 長灘島cat, they must be "dreamers" so called "Too good to be True" Chinese so called "自.7.7.人", "空中樓閣", Buddhist said "Tie.虛幻境" "Cool.High.5.Ben."; those music 保濕面膜writers like Angus Tung, Neil Young, alikes are all suspected "Huang.Whore" criminals, you must not have your lawful authority to encourage or protect their sucks. They may be tolerated to 酒店打工write to sing, they must not allowed to waste our public servants energy to have law to guard their special interests. Our Court must be the servant of God or Satan, our Court must not take side with "Liars"; those pr 房地產eaching related writings like Bible, or Koran, or 論語 must not allow any private printings, must be printed out by government officials only so that to guard the printings fit the righteous. Writers or artist are all losers, they 賣房子need to be forced to live in the reality tough condition like your middle class hard working people to get a real life, you must not allow anyone of them like Chinese said "High.Ren.High.G." to become super star or idol to fool your stupid bad ugly evil under 褐藻醣膠ground chained slavery to falling into terrors sucks or dragon down them into hells. What your copy right need to do is to protect your people's name, no matter the name is school name or art name or pen name, or e-mail name, or street name, or company name, or account name, y 帛琉ou must not allow any other to have the right to copy or repeat to get the same. You don't need guard what they writings, you must guard their own name's right.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 襯衫  .
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